Ethan Farmer - The Rockstar Next Door

Ethan Farmer – The Rockstar Next Door


I’m from Los Angeles, born & raised. Grew up in Sherman Oaks. The image above, that’s actually my parent’s house (and, as a matter of a fact, that’s my father workin’ the lawn mower – HOLD UP, can I just say something? I love how down my father is to get involved in projects I’m working on, he’s pure dopeness). In Los Angeles, you can literally grow up next door to a rockstar, in the middle of suburbia, and have no clue about that reality. That’s the inspiration behind the cover image I shot for bassist extraordinaire, Ethan Farmer – a rockstar bass player, living right here in Southern California. He’s on the road so much (currently on tour with the one-and-only Lionel Richie), you might not even know he’s your neighbor. An incredible talent who delivers cerebral bass notes while honing the largest ear-to-ear grin you’ll ever see – dude loves his job, its obvious. Plain & simple. This image was shot a year ago and then Ethan circled back recently for round 2, where we dug visually deeper into his FUNK-y side. Scroll down, you’ll see what I mean 😉 I never shared the images from the first shoot, so here’s a medley of both portrait sessions we had together. I gotta say, that red leather jacket might be one of the fly-est articles of clothing I’ve ever seen. And that hat? Damn. Who better to wear it than the original Funk-Soul-Brother, “ebassman“?! Keep rockin’ Ethan, keep rockin’…